Stem Cell Strategy for Autism Disease

Lack of interests, reduced social interests or engagements will be the key risk markers associated with the disorder. On a generalized note, the onset of the autism occur in your womb itself, however, almost all of the children will begin showing symptoms before Several years of their age. These symptoms might not be answering their name you aren’t pointing on the objects to indicate their interests, etc. The rehabilitative approach like improved communication, physiotherapy, improvement in concentration etc. are only used as a current treatment regime. Although these methods are a temporary solution and never the permanent alternatives.

Autism may be the developmental disorder, of brain development. Even though characteristic symptoms associated with the disorders are variable, these are mainly difficulties in social interactions, problems in verbal and nonverbal communications and repetitive unusual behavior. There is not one particular reason behind autism which can be pinpointed. Scientists have identified that variety of genetic mutations and environmental factors are accountable for exactly the same mixed with. The clearest evidences of autism risk factors takes into account events before the birth, for example advanced parental age during conception, certain illnesses during pregnancy, deprivation of oxygen, vitamin and folic deficiency etc.

Unfortunately, none of the current treatment approach could address the main reason for oxygen deprivation as well as other inflammatory troubles, although stem cells can. According to the research and numerous studies that are occurring worldwide, doctors could now possibly claim that stem cells can regulate the immunological obligations of the body and turn back damage. Stem cells include the master cells in the body, that may be differentiated into just about any cells as and when required. This remarkably unique ability of stem cells may be exploited from the medical science to help remedy many different degenerative disorders including autism. These magical cells remain dormant inside the mature organs during the entire time of an individual. The technology means to extract these cells from any of the known organs, most often Bone Marrow or Adipose Tissue. These cells are processed from the laboratory for the enrichment and is re infused back into the body of the individual. The entire procedure can be completed in two different steps, firstly doctors will stimulate our bodies to be prepared for even more actions. This allows the secretion of growth factors and cytokines to produce a microenvironment that can help the resident stem cells to multiply and begin differentiation and secondly the supplementary dose of stem cells is offered to boost the operation of regenerations.


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